Historians 4 Social Change gives teachers a tool to integrate argumentative writing and critical thinking into social studies and history classes. 

Historical Op-Eds

Our core activity is currently a Historical Op-Eds platform, where student-written articles on historical events are published.

Students who participate in our activity write an editorial (op-ed) article on an event in history as if they are currently living in that period. Through the activity, students are better able to understand history by being put in the position of having to imagine what potential historical perspectives were. 

We provide lesson plans, resources, and a platform for teachers who want to integrate our argumentative writing course material into their classrooms.

Universal Use

The activity can be implemented regardless of the current period or region being studied. For example, if the current unit is on the Revolutionary War, teachers can have students write about the Boston Tea Party as if they were writing on it for the next day’s New York Times.

Win Pizza Party

In order to encourage teachers and students to participate in our program, we offer the incentive of a pizza party to the classroom that has the highest participation rate (students who submit articles/total students in the class). Historians 4 Social Change will provide top classrooms each month with pizza for all students in the class.